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Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clocks

The designs of the grandfather clocks have always been the favorites of all time for anyone interested in vintage-style home decor. There are important classifications in the series of grandfather clocks that are both modern and traditional. There are clocks with different chimes, different elevator styles, with lively case models and a variety of building material combinations. If you are really looking for the antique style or one of the handmade classic style grandfather clocks, then the following 25 top images of grandfather clock designs are exclusive to you.

New grandfather clock designs

Here we have entered 25 newest and best grandfather clock designs with pictures. Let’s take a look.

1. Arabic numerals embossed pearl grandfather clock:

This measures approximately H 78 “(199 cm), W 20” (51 cm) and D 11 “(28 cm). It has the option of the automatic night chime switch-off mode. It works with the battery-operated Westminster Quartz carillon mechanism. The cabinet of this large clock is illuminated by an interior light. The elegant gooseneck gable, which has rotated completely with final compliments, has reefed its side columns with upper and lower turned capitals. A professional finish is used on selected hardwoods and veneers.

2. Tuscany cherry finish grandfather clock pendulum:

This sophisticated modern grandfather clock is an heirloom in manufacture that can be passed on from generation to generation. It consists of the finish of the Tuscan cherry, which is characterized by a graceful and book-adapted olive gable. The ash wood gooseneck gable with a twisted urn and a decorative shell support remains as well as the unique highlight. It measures 23 W x 13.5 D x 86.25 H inches. It consists of selected hardwoods and veneers for a long service life. The watch is also operated with an illuminated dial for display in a darkened room.

3. White grandfather clock made of solid wood:

Here is an artistically crafted modern grandfather clock with brass dial with moon phase and used lyre pendulum. It is embedded in the Neuschwanstein motif and polished brass weights, which shine with an engraving of eight days of centenary 4/4 chimes with three melodies. The watch has the automatic night shutdown function. The dimensions of this clock are 208x65x35cm and it is driven with three beautiful melodies in the Black Forest theme.

4. Cherry wood clad Kaiser grandfather clock:

Discover this article of the old grandfather clock with a cherry wood case with a broken arch pediment and an urn with side posts on the corner blocks. It also features other details, such as the watch includes a brass glass door with a hinge that displays a silver-colored bezel with raised gold-colored Arabic numerals. The black serpentine hands on this movement work with the scrolls. The watch consists of a colorful moon phase dial with a deer. It also includes a landscape scene and a gold-colored pendulum with brass weights and chains behind a glass door. The watch is approximately 19.0 “W x 79.0” H x 12.5 “D.

5. Triple Chime Vintage Grandfather Clock:

Take a look at this beautiful Howard Miller grandfather wall clock made of oak that will work great when you arrive at your home. The watch has the triple chime of Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington, which remains unique. The mechanism is also equipped with a silent option mode. The clock can be kept as an outstanding wall decor in a vintage look. It works with the mechanical function of the 8-day movement. The material used for the case is oak wood.

6. Walnut Rustic Black Forest Longcase Clock:

These are the hand-carved old clocks from the 19th century. They are constructed with great care for their excellence. You have three bears at the base, two bears at the sides and one bear at the top (does not work). These types of watches are designed with such fine craftsmanship, true and wonderful ornamentation and with an excellent “in-house” pattern that they are at the forefront of all regulatory authorities manufactured in Germany.

7. Dark finished black grandfather clock:

Make your choice without thinking about these types of small grandfather clocks that consist of an illuminated dial for darkness indication. It has adjustable levels under every corner of the clock that can provide stability on uneven and carpeted floors. The doors can be locked for additional security. It is powered by two Duracell “C” size batteries and two Duracell batteries and has an automatic night chime shutdown option. The housing is illuminated by interior lighting and works with a quartz trademark with two chimes. It also has volume control and an automatic night chime shutdown option.

8. Grandfather clock made of wood in baroque style:

The carving of this grandpa watch was done entirely by hand in the old tradition. It is well made with great accuracy and its weights and lyre are made of gold-plated brass. It consists of a moon face dial with serigraphy in Roman numerals. The mechanism used by this unique watch is the German mechanism 4/4 with a winding of up to 8 days. The tunes are from Westminster like the famous Victoria Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament in London. This watch is walnut polished and has a size of approx. 207 x 47 x 28 cm.

9. Tamarack Glass grandfather clock:

This unique grandfather clock made of linear bottom glass has an open-framed dial with Roman numerals and diamond-shaped hands in antique gold. The top, bottom and back walls of this modern grandfather clock are in a complementary Hampton Cherry color. The open housing allows a clear view of the pendulum, which in turn enhances its beauty.

10. Walnut finished antique grandfather clock:

Accentuate your home with this pretty, impressive and uniquely carved antique grandfather clock. These are the trend grandfather clocks with their long casings, pendulums, echoing chimes and Roman numerals. These functions give the watch and of course your home a classic and elegant touch. It is made of solid wood and has dimensions of length: 21.25, width: 10.5 and height: 77.5. It weighs 22.72 kg with a walnut finish.

11. Mahogany cherry wood hanging grandfather clock:

This exquisite grandfather wall clock has a mahogany cherry oak case with hand-carved details. The dial is bright and brings out the Roman numerals perfectly so that you can read them comfortably even from a distance. This classic wall clock will be a stunning addition to any room in your home. It has melodic chimes such as Allice, Strike, Westminster Music and Strike.

12th tube grandfather chimes:

The cabinet of this best grandfather clock is complemented by a graceful gooseneck gable. It has the hand-carved gable arch, the end and middle shell motif. It contains a separate bonnet for a waist door, which can be locked with slanted front and side glasses. The side access doors and a three-tier base with floor levers are also included in this model.

13. Antique pearl grandfather clock:

Discover this new modeled cable-driven new grandfather clock with the mechanical clockwork from Westminster. The watch has adjustable levers located under each corner of the watch to ensure stability on both uneven and carpeted floors. It also has the function of automatic night sound shutdown option. It is engraved with an heirloom plate for future convenience.

14. Mora White grandfather clock:

Here is your favorite collection of the white colored and white coated mini grandfather clock. The graceful curves are the reason why these striking watches belong to the famous Mora region in Sweden. The white-painted finish is always appreciated with a gentle distress that has recently been added to enhance its beauty. The decorative carving is the highlight of this watch that surrounds its cladding. This white lacquered finish also complements the Swedish styling series of real watches that are still available. It measures H 89 inches x W 23.75 inches x D 8 inches.

15. Great grandfather grandfather clock:

Now take a look at the largely disguised imperial clock with the unique spring movements. It consists of the pendulum made of high quality oak wood. The parts of this watch are well placed and kept for the good operating condition of the past years. It is the old grandfather clock from the middle of the 18th century.

16. Chinese vintage grandfather clock:

This watch has the unique dimension of 20ʺW × 18ʺD × 84ʺH. It is the hand-painted Chinese grandfather clock made of black lacquered vintage. This best grandfather clock has three-dimensional mother-of-pearl figures on all sides to give it its beauty. The watch works fully with chimes with the Tempus Fugit watch components made in Germany. It sounds both on the full and half hour. It is literally hand-painted and beautifully carved.

17. Monumentally designed black forest grandfather clock:

It is a 12 foot high clock that is heavily carved into dark oak. You can feel like a dwarf standing next to it. It has a huge look when viewed upwards. The clock was dated 1793. The highlight of this old grandfather clock is the four-foot carving of the young Whittington on the door of the clock. It also has the dramatic scene of a cat chasing mice. There are also carvings of musical instruments and winged angels on this huge magnificent watch, which remains as its signature.

18. Miniature vintage black grandfather clock:

This super collection of small grandfather clocks has a matt miniature quartz finish. This is a black grandfather clock that has a quartz movement that comes from the country of Japan. This watch shows Roman numerals and also consists of a second hand. It measures approximately 4.25 “tall including the tail on top of the watch. It has a base width of 1.23” and a depth of 1 “.

19. Wooden chimes grandfather clock:

This grandfather wall clock has the shade of walnut so its color would easily complement the other furniture in your house. Solid wood is used as the main material. The pendulum is beautifully hand carved with an antique look. It would definitely be an heirloom for generations.

20. 4- Chimed Hanging Grandfather Clock:

This exquisite India grandfather clock, which can be wall-mounted, has a mahogany cherry oak case. For easy reading, you will find the Roman numeral to make this watch comfortable for everyone.

21. Longcase clock with long housing:

This watch has the 8-day antique watch from the 19th century. This new grandfather clock has the two unique decorative weights that are square and complemented in a superior antique gold pattern. They use the mechanical quartz double glockenspiel. Alternatively, it can play Westminster or Beethoven carillon. It also has the function of volume control and automatic night chime shutdown option.

22. Mahogany veneer long case grandfather clock:

This long case mahogany watch is 89.5 inches tall. It has a good quality bow white dial “8 days” flame duration. It is embedded in the elegant proportions of the Scottish cupboard with a shell insert on the door and floor. The clock consists of a cabinet with gooseneck gables and clamp feet. The movement of this trend grandfather clock was designed so that it strikes the hours of a single bell.

23. Modern grandfather clock of the middle of the century:

Take a look at this stylish grandfather clock with a high case made of smoked Lucite with a walnut base. This is an old but fashionable grandfather clock and a material made of chrome, walnut, which is used for this modern, yet classic clock.

24. Grandfather clock in Gothic style:

This Gothic style of the grandfather clock from the past dates back to 60 years. It consists of vintage furniture and Gothic patterns. For those who live in bungalows or farmhouses, this clock is a great option to add more decorative items to your room.

25. Nine tube grandfather clock:

This stunning series of old grandfather clocks is the one with nine tubes. It has five chimes with typical melodies from Westminster, Trinity, Noter Dame, Whittington and another. It has Germany domed top case with free standing pillars.

The designs of the grandfather clocks shown in each of the links are unique and of the highest royal construction. Some are made with their respective style of origin, others with few modern techniques. There are numerous collections that can be divided into lively styles. Anyone with appropriate specifications would definitely get the required model of these grandfather clocks as they are distributed in such varieties. So why still waiting for the experts’ response? In the discussion above, get the reliable data on these watches and get the best one that will satisfy you in all aspects.

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