Elegant Tab Top Curtains for Effortless Home Décor

Elegant Tab Top Curtains for Effortless Home Décor

The top curtain is the one that has a tab pattern on the curtain. The curtain flap goes through the bar and is tied with a button in the front area. It is time consuming. You need to button all the tabs on the curtain to hang it up properly. Large buttons are usually attached to the top curtain to highlight it. This tab-top style is delicate and very effective.

Breathtaking and stylish curtains for the interior:

Decorate your windows with these beautiful tab top curtain designs. Here you get top 9 tab top curtains.

1. Creative Tab Curtain:

This top window curtain has a creative tab design. The flap is tied with the same fabric. The whole curtain is plain and simple, but beautiful. The pole goes through the hole in the curtain and looks fantastic.

2. Printed tab curtain:

It is a white curtain with nice prints. The curtain appears to have a turtle-like print. The curtain rod is also very thick and strong. Even the wall next to the curtain has great gray and white stripes.

3. Colorful tab top curtains with buttons:

This rarely found curtain has a tab curtain covering. The curtain flap is tied with a large button. There are different designs on this curtain in different colors. This colorful curtain draws everyone’s attention and is outstanding.

4. Multi-colored tab curtain:

It is a simple curtain in different colors. There are blue, orange, red, white, green and yellow transparent curtains. All of this multi-colored curtain with tabs is tied together for a colorful look, and all of this look is brilliant.

5. Tab curtain hole:

There is a white curtain on the back. Here you can see the upper part of the curtain, which has a wide open hole. The wooden stick goes through this white tab hole. The curtain fabric is light and thin without prints.

6. Curtain with twisted flap:

This gray curtain with flap is decorated with a bow at the top. The gray lace bow is attached to the top of the tab. The curtain is in dark and light gray color, which is impressive. There is a wide dark gray line area on the curtain.

7.Jute tab top curtain:

This white curtain is so pretty and lovely. This white fabric curtain contains a floral print with a lighter shade. A beautiful bird is flying on a curtain. The flower and leaf print on the white curtain gives it fragrance and looks wonderful.

8. Children’s tab top curtain:

This cream-colored curtain is best suited for children’s rooms. The tab of this simple cream-colored curtain is multi-colored and has different prints. The curtain has a crescent moon edge and is printed in too many colors. It is a great creation of a curtain.

9. Unique blue tab curtain:

It is a unique blackout curtain with a tab-top in blue color. The flap has a pink checked print and the curtain has vehicle prints. The curtain is bright and shining. This vivid curtain idea looks rich and picturesque.

This tab curtain is light and needs a lot of attention. Tab curtains are flexible and wonderful. Even the fabric used to make the tab curtain is mostly thin. The top of the tab has a wide hole so you don’t have to worry about the thickness of the curtain rod. Any kind of curtain rod is used with tab curtain.

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