Elegant Anarkali Salwar Suits for Festive Glamour

Elegant Anarkali Salwar Suits for Festive Glamour

Do you remember the Bollywood Magnum opus “Mughal-E-Azam”? Aside from being one of the country’s legendary films, it also attracted fashion lovers who were fascinated by the Anarkali wardrobe! Anarkali was a royal Mughal courtesan in real life who popularized the style of wearing floor-length frock-style dresses known as “Anarkali Salwar Suits”. Anarkali model salwars, also called umbrella suits, are known for their grandiose and heavy materials. Since many Bollywood stars from Rekha to Deepika Padukone have chosen Anarkali Salwar suits on the canvas and red carpets, they have become eternal favorites with fashionistas. Get on board as we discover some of the newest and hottest Indian Anarkali Salwar Kameez suits in this article.

Features of Anarkali Salwar suits:

Here are some of the key features of the famous Anarkali Salwar Suit designs:

  • Anwarali designs for salwar suits come in a three-piece set – Frock-style kurta, a tight-fitting churidar, and a dupatta.
  • They emphasize the waist and create a volume on the bottom
  • Anarkali Salwars is suitable for women of all body types as they can make thin women look heavy and heavy women look curvy.
  • The traditional anarkali salwars are quite bulky and have an extra-wide torch made of at least 4 meters of fabric and layered lining.
  • V-neck, crew neck, boat neck and collar neck are some of the most preferred neck designs.

Fabrics for anarkali salwar suits:

Anarkali Salwar suits can be designed with almost any fabric to achieve this flowing ruffle effect. Because they are heavily decorated, it is advisable to choose durable materials that can hold the embroidery or lace. Popular fabrics are georgette, net, cotton, silk, velvet, crepe and rayon.

Preferred age group for Anarkali Salwar suits:

Anarkali Salwars are preferred by tall women between 20 and 45 years of age. The extra wide flare and garish appearance of these suits are usually considered suitable for young people. However, if you’re a middle-aged woman, you can opt for a simple A-line salwar suit to achieve the same look without the drama of regular anarkali!

How to style anarkali salwar suit?

Check out these Anarkali Salwar Suit style tips to create your Bollywood-inspired look:

  • Think about the occasion and the time of the event before you shortlist a piece.
  • For weddings, receptions, or other large gatherings, you can use silk-based anarkalis in dark colors
  • Choose heavy gold threads or Gota Patti for night parties for an aristocratic look
  • Sober threadwork in pastel colors is suitable for daytime events
  • If you want to run a lot at the party, opt for an ankle-length Kurta instead of the floor-length model
  • Use Mughal-style accessories like pearls, Kundans, and Polkis to complete your look. Mughal style Chandbalis and Jhumar Maang Tikka are a must to try jewelry!
  • Don’t forget that your high heels are big and beautiful!

Aren’t these Anarkali Salwar suits simply beautiful? Each individual outfit is unique in its own way, be it in terms of design, fabric or color. These exquisite pieces will surely make you the center of the show wherever you go. All you have to do is follow our styling suggestions to choose the right anarkali style for the event, equip it appropriately, and be ready to turn your head. Be the modern anarkali!

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