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Earrings Jewellery Designs

Jewelry has always been a magnet for women. Trendy jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. have replaced the heavy sets with cute and delicate designs. They gave away looking fashionable while respecting the old ideals of Hindu culture.

Different designs of the earrings have their own symbolism depending on the culture in which they are worn. In some cultures, earrings are the symbol of wealth, while for some they are the symbol of slavery. But on the whole, earrings symbolize strength, strength, femininity, love, sensuality, etc.

Different types of fashion earrings jewelry designs:

Let’s take a look at different types of earring designs that are very adorable:

1. Moonstone earrings with diamond:

The white diamond with a combination of moonstone gives white outfits an enchanting look. The earring is made of sterling silver with a diamond to which a moonstone coated with silver is attached. The moonstone symbolizes peace, wealth and loyalty. It is the birthstone of June. Therefore, it is a very attractive design to give away your pretty princess, who was born in June.

2. Modern Calla Lily earrings with pearl:

The jewelry earring in the Calla Lily design with a small white sea pearl that protrudes from the inside offers a breathtaking view over the designer clothes. Rose petals can also make the earring design with a pearl inside. The design represents the loyalty, purity and sacred part of the woman who wears it.

3. Simple Lucky Clover earrings in silver:

Do you want a stunning look every day or in offices? Try a pair of trendy silver earrings with a four-petaled flower. The design of the earrings is made of sterling silver and is set with tiny crystal diamonds. The clover flower with four petals is considered a sign of happiness. The four petals symbolize faith, hope, love and happiness, which can also be an ideal gift for the loved one.

4. Alloy Heart Pearl Earrings for Girls:

A romantic design goes perfectly with dates to give a sensual look. A pair of earrings made of a pearl-studded alloy and small diamonds provide a beautiful look with curvy branches on the heart for casual wear for everyday use or for parties. The heart symbolizes love, cohesion, unity and femininity. It can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your princess.

5. Traditional Hamsa earrings for women:

A beautiful design that looks at a palm tree looks stunning at parties. A gold Hamsa earring is set with sea green emeralds for a shiny look. A Hamsa design gives a palm-like design the charm of the earrings with emeralds, pearls or diamonds. The Hamsa earrings are meant to be worn to protect against evil eyes that cause illness or even death.

6. Oxidized rosary earrings:

The new earring design with oxidized metal goes perfectly with outfits with a traditional look. A rosary earring design with a simple curvy design in black color gives a religious look, even if a cross is a pious symbol in Christianity. It symbolizes devotion to God. The oxidized jewelry is also carried out to a high degree in functions such as Navratri or other religious functions. They are also worn on picnics for a classy look.

7. Horseshoe Earrings for Girls:

Do you want to wear an accessory that is casual! A sterling silver horseshoe earring with black diamonds complements your fabulous look over jeans. It is a simple design of trendy earrings, which can also be called black beauty because they are designed in black. You can also replace the black diamonds with the color that matches your outfits. It symbolizes happiness, happiness and fertility. It also shows the sign of good harvest.

8. Peacock Indian earrings in gold:

Love to wear peacock designs! The peacock designs have always given traditional dresses a unique and heavenly look. Here we are with a peacock chakra design that gives you a traditional look about ethnic clothing. The chakra design gives your body a balanced look and connects it with spiritual and physical energies. The peacock design shows the royal, spiritual and guiding nature of the girl who wears it. The jingles hanging at the end look antique.

9. Gold Evil Eye Stud Earrings:

A simple and delicate gold earring for women gives a simplified personality. The evil eye design is perfected by white and pink gold diamonds. The earring goes best with heavy designer saris or dresses and gives a sparkling look. The pink diamonds in between give the earrings a floral pattern. Such jewelry should be worn to avoid evil looks from friends, family or strangers who could cause harm.

10. Diamond Infinity Earrings:

Infinity designs have given the fashion earrings a new look. The earring looks two-tone. The alloy and silver. A combination of both is set with small white and baby pink diamonds. On small occasions, it looks simple but uniform. Such earrings symbolize friendship and love and are therefore a perfect gift for friends. It can also be a perfect gift for lovers who share eternal love for each other.

11. Navy earrings for women:

Looking for a topic! Get a navy look with trendy earrings that carry the anchor and the wheel. The metal jewelry is covered with gold and set with blue stones. The anchor symbolizes stability in life, while the wheel symbolizes the direction of navigation. It is best worn for themed parties for an umbilicus.

12. Designer arrow earrings through the ear:

A new earring design that is becoming increasingly popular these days is the arrow needle earrings. The earring is made of sterling silver and is gold-plated and set with diamonds to make it more charming. Such an earring design stands for protection, defense, strength, security, strength and direction. It is a warning to the evil spirits. The arrow designs are also available in an ear pin design and a magnetic ear pin design that are easy to carry.

13.Yin Yang earrings design:

Looking for something for regular use, offices, parties or just for casual workers! A long earring designed by Ying-Yang gives you, among other things, a unique identity, the eyes of which stick to your earrings. Made from sterling silver and a black and white color combination pearl, it offers a snap design for teenagers and college girls. This symbol stands for harmony and balance. The combination of black and silver adds to your charm look.

14.Gold and Silver Heart Key Earn:

A number of fashion earrings that are becoming more viral are the combined earrings with a heart key and lock. The mixture of gold and silver sparks attracts the hearts of the audience. A combination of heart, lock and key is fairly new and popular for teenage girls for parties. It is an earring on love with a heart that shows love and the key that shows revelation, understanding and importance. It looks great on outfits for parties and casuals.

15. Sterling silver fleur de lis earrings:

A rather clumsy design gives you a happy look when you wear it on small occasions and also on casual wear. The curvy silver design with pearl looks glamorous on designer clothes. The meaning of Fleur De Lis is a lily with three petals that give a divine look. The earrings designed by Fleur De Lis are made of silver and set with sea pearls in a petal design. Such curvy earrings mean purity, strength, Holy Trinity, etc.

16. Gold Falling Jhumka’s Wedding Design:

The Jhumka earrings have always been adorable for ethnic clothing and have a dashing look. Made of gold, there are several jingles at the end of each string, which have a musical effect. The jhumka has always been the first choice for weddings and other events. The golden strings that fall from a jhumar look like a waterfall that is circular. The music lovers choose the design very much and it symbolizes happiness and joy in their own life.

17. Full earrings for bride:

The full earrings are a new earring design on the market. The design of the full earrings is very popular due to its design, which is quite funky. The design is made of gold, with the entire ear set with diamonds and the jhumka part of the earrings decorated with small and large pearls to make them more charming. It is mostly worn on heavy pearl designer saris and dresses.

18. Traditional emerald earrings for functions:

Do you want to look traditional for a wedding or religious event! Try a gold earring design set with red and green emeralds while adorned with sea pearls. The semi-circular moon shape makes it more lovely to be worn on pearls with designer saris. Such earrings show the traditional, faithful, cool and healing side of women.

19.Feather earrings for girls:

The latest earrings for women that are trendy are those designed with feathers. Since they are colorful, they can be worn on any outfit. The design is a mixture of a peacock feather, a flower and several colored feathers that hang on the flower. Such a design gives floral pattern outfits a fabulous look. Pen designs have always stood for freedom, spirit, peace and love. The design is chosen by women or girls who want to achieve a high goal without bars.

20. Rhinestone chandelier earrings for teenagers:

Stars were the most popular earring design for teenagers. An earring set with stars made of rhinestones and silver that sparkles on casuals and a few ethnic outfits. The length of the earrings gives girls a bold look to show their strength to shine against any problem. The new earring design symbolizes protection and good luck. So it can be a sparkling gift for those who are close and dear to you.

21. White gold earrings with black pearl:

White gold earrings with diamonds and pearls have a unique and heartbreaking look. Such a design with curvy branches looks wasteful on heavy designer outfits. The white gold design is set with small diamonds and a large black pearl. The design only gives an idea of ??protection from evil and can therefore be the best gift to your protector on Mother’s Day.

22.Gold leaf design:

The jewelry earring design with leaf is very attractive for heavy saris with petals. It is often worn on saris such as Patola, Sela, Kanjivaram, etc. The earrings are made of gold and there is a small green stone on top, which makes it more attractive.

23. Flower ear pin for women:

Floral patterns look fantastic on any outfit. Not only are the earrings fantastic, an ear pin is also catchy. The pen has several flowers that move upwards from the ear side. Set with tiny shiny diamonds and a pearl, the wearer gets a stylish look. Such a flower pattern represents love, purity, health, prosperity, etc.

24. Silver snowflake ear pin:

The earsticks have become increasingly popular with girls this season. Fashionable earrings with snowflake design and two diamond strands give them a personality with an antique look. The golden rhododendron design with tiny diamonds looks refined on small occasions.

25. Butterfly earrings design:

Would you like to have a classic and modern look with the help of trendy earrings? Try gold butterfly earrings set with crystal diamonds to sparkle. The design covers the side areas of your ear and gives it a lively look. Such designs mean rebirth, grace, femininity, love, etc. They give every dress in offices, parties and events a graceful look.

Over time, the heavy earrings have been replaced by new, light, delicate and trendy earrings that give a refined look. The new tiny designs of stars, flowers, hearts, etc. have always been the favorite for little girls in schools and teenagers in colleges. A revolutionary phase has also arrived in the design of earrings for women, which give them a fashionable look with simplicity.

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