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Different Types Of Pearls

Pearl is a miracle from Earth. These beautiful gemstones are a gift that was given to us. They do not have to be mined or cut like other gemstones. They come from a mollusk that lives in the sea.

How are pearls made?

A simple oyster, a kind of mollusk, is home to the pearl. When sand penetrates the oyster shell, it begins to cover this intruder with a layer of mother-of-pearl. This mother of pearl is a mineral substance. The oyster repeatedly builds up the mother-of-pearl layer over the intrusion sand. This formation or the mother-of-pearl is given a coating which then forms the pearl. In this way, nature forms the pearls. In this way we see different sizes of pearls from very small to large. These natural pearls are quite expensive and rare.

Now we are growing pearls to serve the large number of customers. These cultured pearls are made in the same way. The only difference is to put sand in the mollusk. This gives the pearl farmer a larger and safer harvest. Most of the less expensive pearls are cultured pearls. These are still good pearls and are great pieces of jewelry.

We give you information about pearls with beautiful pearl pictures that will guide you. The different beads are all listed below and give you a comprehensive overview of what they are used for.

Types of beads

Here is a great list of the different types of pearls that are available around the world. This contains

1. Akoya pearls:

Akoya pearls are wonderful real cultured pearls that come from Japan. Akoya pearls have a great shape and are perfect round pearls with a sharp shine. You can find these beads in the size range from 4 mm to 10 mm. These pearls are usually white in color, but also silver blue to gold. Try these great pearls that are wonderful to look at.

2. Freshwater pearls:

Freshwater pearls are the most commonly found. They are white and pastel in color and have a softer hue and shine. Their shapes are usually baroque. You get them in a round shape, which is perfect for the baroque shape. The size also ranges from 5 mm to 12 mm. These pearls are cheaper and therefore suitable for everyone.

3. Tahiti pearls:

French Polynesia grows one of the best pearls in the world. The Tahiti pearl is a wonder to see. These are natural pearls that have a dark color. They come in different colors including black. You can find the shapes in Tahitian pearls as baroque, oval and even round. Tahitian pearls have a size of 8-15 mm. The wonderful color of Tahitian pearls is something that is most sought after. These pearls are used to make master and statement jewelry.

4. South Sea pearls:

The South Sea pearls are grown in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. They are large saltwater pearls that are available in white and gold. These are quite large, so the pearls are usually baroque or oval and teardrop-shaped. They are very attractive and expensive. These sizes range from 8 to 18 mm. The South Sea pearls usually become statement pieces of jewelry.

These great types of pearls give you an idea of ??how the pearls pair. If you are looking for expensive state-of-the-art pearls, then choose South Sea or Tahiti pearls. The other pearls are still great pearls that are just a little bit cheaper.

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