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Curtain Brackets

The curtains undoubtedly give the windows, doors and partitions a good and charming look when it comes to interior decorations, but the accessories associated with them also play an important role in decorating them. In the priory, the curtains were hung over a simple bar that was simple. However, with the changes in the interior and curtains, the rods, brackets or brackets have also been modernized for a wasteful look.

Latest curtain holder designs:

Here are our 15 simple and best designs for curtain holders. Let’s take a look.

1. Bronze double curtain holder:

Curtain rod brackets when using a dual mode in bronze allow the user of the double curtain to set up correctly. It is made of bronze and has two deep U-shaped gaps at a reasonable distance that allow the user to put the bar in the gaps and hold it. The gaps are also provided with screws to tighten the rod.

2. Royal Curtain Bracket Design:

This is a new design for the double curtain rod brackets, which mainly decide for a rich appearance of the double-ordered curtains. The metal brackets have two screw gaps, the bottom one has a mesh curtain and the top one has another curtain. The mount is given a silver and gold lookout to increase its wealth.

3.Copper hook bracket:

This is one of the traditional designs for curtain holders. The curtain has a rectangular rod shape, on which several hooks are attached to the lower rod. The hooks are given pins that would hold the curtain. This copper rod is mainly made for an ethnic look of the house. The hooks are also available in different shapes.

4. Ceiling pole brackets:

Looking for a chic curtain? Then the curtain holders should also be chic and robust. The steel ceiling curtain rod bracket has a strong ceiling lock that gives a catchy look. The brackets have a circular hole through which the rod is guided and fastened with screws.

5. Design of the Provencal wooden curtain holder:

Wooden curtain rod brackets give the curtains a creative look when they have a decorative design. The hook bar holder is provided with leaves, which give the holder a decorative look. The curtain rod also has a similar pattern for a full view of the windows or doors.

6. Extendable curtain holder:

The extendable window curtain brackets are made of steel and copper. The curtain rod holders have a conical shape and end with a deep U-hook to hold the rod. The brackets can be expanded if necessary, making them suitable for any type of thick or thin rod that can be placed between them, which can be done by screwing.

7. Antique curtain holder design:

This type of wooden curtain holder is rare on the market. Inspired by the old wooden clip designs, they are made of thick wood and have a beautiful artistic design. The curtain rod also has a double-sided closure top with a similar wood design, making it the best for traditional velvet or silk curtains.

8. Wildflower curtain holder:

Wildflower curtain rail brackets made of metal give the room decoration a technical look. The pole is mostly chosen for the room with floral decorations such as tiles. They are made of metal and, depending on the room color, can be kept in metallic colors, gold, silver and other decorative colors. The bar is mainly selected for room curtains.

9. Crystal curtain holder design:

Crystal clips for curtains give the room a contemporary look. The crystal box in the holder is often used for window decorations and is provided with colored marbles that can be selected depending on the decoration of the room or to match the curtains. The brackets get a silver-colored appearance with stainless steel material.

10.Cabin love curtain holder:

This is the best bracket for curtains that are animal lovers. This holder contains a shelf in black, which not only helps to hold the curtain, but also to hold the rod. The curtain holder is mainly used to decorate the library rooms, halls and even the passageways with windows or balcony curtains.

11. Design of the curtain holder for wall mounting:

The wall brackets for curtain rods have a cup-like design. The bracket has a layered U-shape made of steel or hard fiber, which holds the rod in place. This bracket is mainly used for window curtains or bathroom curtains that are round or straight.

12. Curtain holder for musical notes:

This type of double curtain bracket is available in metal. The curtain is in the form of a musical note that carries two bars, one on the inner note and one on the upper or outer note. The metal gets a metallic color with gold-colored shades in the curves, which give both curtains a dazzling look.

13. Spring design curtain holder:

Would you like to give your double curtain clips a fancy look? Here is a stainless steel bracket design that comes in a spiral design set with diamonds in between. The holder gets a hand like a look for WO curtains.

14. Luxurious domed curtain holder:

Would you like that old look back at your bedroom window? Here is a bracket design that is made of metallic material and has curvy designs. The curtain holders are stretched at the top and on two sides. The curtain holders are kept in a situation that gives the curtains a curvy look.

15.Pelmet curtain holder design:

These types of curtains, popular under the name dotted curtain holder, are mainly used for the nursery. The curtain is plucked with dotted buckles. These are equal gaps that give the curtains a curvy design. The buttons have a fixed view of the walls. However, they can also be expanded.

Therefore, depending on the room you want to decorate, you can choose from a number of curtain clips. They usually consist of different materials; However, the most preferred and least expensive rods and brackets are available in fiber material.

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