Classic Simple Blouse Designs for Timeless Style

Classic Simple Blouse Designs for Timeless Style

What is a saree without a well-made blouse? However, the definition of a blouse has changed drastically lately! Today’s blouses are all about heavy and artful embroidery that is only worn occasionally. They look bright for everyday wear and lie unused in your wardrobe. For this reason, fashion experts recommend keeping some simple blouse designs in stock that are suitable for any type of saree. Whether for a saree in work clothes or an elegant cocktail party – these blouse designs give you a classy and refined look. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to know some of the most popular designs in this segment, as well as some interesting facts.

Characteristics of simple blouses:

Here are some key features of simple blouse designs:

  • Simple blouses are about experimenting with different cuts and patterns
  • They are usually without heavy embroidery or decorations
  • The neck and back of the blouse determine the look of a simple blouse
  • While deep cuts are for the brave, high necks are great for a vintage look
  • Patterns are asymmetrical cuts, strapless designs, strapless cords and cords are very popular with the younger generation
  • Tassels and simple lace trimmings adorn these blouses and give them a beautiful element

When are simple blouses preferred?

Simple blouses are very versatile and are suitable for almost every occasion. They are easy to care for and extremely comfortable for the whole day. Here are some ways you can get the most out of your simple blouse:

  • Weddings: Heavy saris and heavy blouses are not for everyone except a bride. A simple blouse with a heavy saree fits perfectly together.
  • Cocktail events: A chic chiffon or net saree looks all the more sensual with a simple, low-cut blouse
  • Ethnic wear: Do you have a beautifully handmade saree? Enhance the beauty by choosing a simple, thread-like blouse
  • Office clothes: Combine your crunchy cotton saree with a neatly made blouse that is simple yet perfectly tailored.
  • Occasional wear: Wear your rich Kanjeevaram with a simple spaghetti blouse to give the traditional saree a sensational touch.

How to style simple blouses?

After learning how important simple blouses are in your closet, it’s time to style them for a flawless look:

  • When you go to work, choose printed blouses with calligraphy prints for an interesting look.
  • For a weekend brunch with your friends, just add a bow tie to your simple blouse for a playful look
  • You can mess around with your sleeves like cold shoulders, pasta straps and even become strapless for a bold move.
  • Adding a few colorful tassels can lighten up your simple blouse and create a dramatic effect
  • Go backless or hold up your neckline. In any case, you will rock for sure!

After working through this article, we can only hope that we saved you time and trouble. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise if you already have a favorite seat and are ready. With these blouses you will look super chic and perfect in no time. At the end of the day, you know that blouses that are cut to size will go with everything – be it formal saris or party clothes. So step out and meet your tailor today! Make sure you never miss the best designs with the list to your rescue.

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