Christian Bridal Sarees: Elegant and Graceful Saree Options for Christian Brides

Christian Bridal Sarees: Elegant and Graceful Saree Options for Christian Brides

Have you ever checked the pictures of the Christian bride saris? Most of us assume that your entire range is the only white or off-white color that is used in one color or lighter. But today you won’t believe us when we say that there are different types of saris for Christian brides, with complicated work and details. Given that the Christian community in our country is very different and unique and has its own cultures and beliefs, its way of dressing and its habits vary accordingly. So you shouldn’t assume that all Christian brides in India have a similar style of dress during their big day!

If you think that saris should have many colors, designs and embellishments, you will be surprised that the new Christian bridal saree collection is no less! Over time, the looks and styles appear and their way of dressing is in great demand among the new generation of youth. Let’s take a look today at different types of saree looks for Christian brides in India!

How to choose the right wedding saree for a Christian bride?

Now the question arises how to choose the right Christian bride saris for the Indian bride. Depending on the culture, condition and location of the wedding, the types of sarees for the bride can vary. Here are some pointers.

  • If you are traditional and believe in culture and religious values, you can choose a simple white or cream-colored saree for your wedding. Self-design and stonework on the saree are the most common design found in traditional looks.
  • In the case of the summer wedding and the look of the elegant bride, we recommend that you choose a beautiful white handkerchief saree with a white lace pattern. You can combine it with pearls to look stunning.
  • When a high-end wedding is coming up, prefer wedding sari for Christian brides by famous designers in India. There are also a number of such options from popular designer fashion. Most of these saris are filled with heavy silver or gold motifs on white saris or have shimmering gold with embroidery.

What type of wedding saree is popular for Christian marriage?

While there are different looks and styles when choosing bridal saris for Christians, there are few popular options here.

  • Most wedding sari depend on local culture and tradition. They are mostly simple cream-colored or with a gold border / work.
  • These days you can often see Indian Christian bride sarees in gold embroidery or shimmer. They help to improve the overall look and are among the most requested options for many teenagers. They give a fancy stylish and modern look.
  • Alternatively, one can observe several regional traditional options. For example, most Kerala brides choose a white saree with a gold rim for their big day. On the other hand, we see only a few brides in South Indian states who also pick up traditional Pattu Saree with a red and gold rim.
  • Now, given these different types of saree collection styles for Christian marriages, let’s find out how popular the saree looks of today’s brides are.

How To Style Sarees Christian Bride:

The Christian bridal look is not just about getting the saree and outfit right, it’s also about getting it right. The way a style of saree determines the final look and appearance of the bride. Here are some tips.

  • Always be careful not to skip the chain. If the saree has golden highlights or edges, you can wear gold jewelry. Otherwise, you prefer diamond or pearl jewelry to improve the look
  • Wear matching bracelets or bracelets. Never wear simple jewelry and bracelets to the bridal saree, as this can affect the final look.
  • Never neglect hair styling. That can change or change the look. Opt for a messy or stylish topknot or alternatively a waterfall braid to look good.
  • You can always wear a tiara on your hair to enhance the beauty.
  • Better wear flat heels with saris.

You may never have imagined that there are several such variations within bridal looks. I hope you enjoyed our guide to types of Christian wedding sari with pictures. If you are soon to be a bride, you can now prefer the best look of your choice and style it accordingly. It is not; You can give the saris a personal touch at any time by having them specially designed if you want! Share your views with us; We are happy to hear from them!

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