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Chinese Collar Blouse Designs

Chinese collar blouses are probably one of the most beautiful blouses of all time. These blouses have a really cool design and the patterns are unique. If you’re ready to look beautiful and stylish at an event, this is probably one of the best blouses for you. The color of these blouses is also very tempting. The neck and collar pattern of these blouses differs from others. There are other blouses that come with a collar, but all are not Chinese collar blouses. If you want to know what the Chinese collar blouses are, the best ones are explained in this article below.

Latest and stylish collection of Chinese collar blouse models

Chinese collar blouse designs are mostly unique, very attractive and also charming. Here are the different Chinese blouse patterns with pictures that will definitely seduce you.

1. The Chinese collar blouse in orange and gold:

If you’re looking for a really cool Chinese collar blouse, this is apparently one of the best looking ones out there. It has a really cool design and the golden pattern on the orange base makes this traditional Indian garment look really unique. The sleeves of the blouse are partly full-sleeved. They don’t extend to the palms of your hands. They just stay over your wrist. This makes them so beautiful and unique and that is why this special design is one of the best looking Chinese collar blouse designs.

2. Long-sleeved blouse with a Chinese collar:

Here we still have a nice looking Chinese collar blouse that is not as good as the previous one, but it will be enough. The blouse has a pleasant black color and the way the blouse is designed is worth mentioning. Here, too, the sleeves are not full, they remain over the wrist and lie on the forearms. The blouse is suitable for almost every woman out there. If you look at the material, you can say that this blouse is comfortable to wear during the summer season. This blouse, which is perfect for saree, becomes one of the most attractive Chinese collar blouses ever.

3.Chinese collar blouse open at the front:

This is different from what you have seen so far. This particular blouse has a Chinese collar design along with many other fashion trends that make the blouse decorative with great patterns on the front. The front and middle part of the chest is partially visible and that’s one of the reasons why this blouse looks so attractive. If you look at the appeal of this design, you can say that this particular blouse is a decent Chinese collar blouse for Saree.

4. The red sleeveless Chinese collar blouse design:

If you want to get the celebrity look, this may be one of the best things for you. Here we see a beautiful pattern in the red body of the blouse. There is no other color in the blouse. In just one red shade, the blouse looks so attractive without sleeves. You should wear this blouse with a saree of similar color and if you judge the suitability of this blouse for events and seasons, you can say that it is one of the best looking Chinese collar blouses with a great design.

5. The adorable Chinese collar blouse design:

This blouse is absolutely adorable. It comes with a fantastic green base on which many patterns have been made. The blouse is probably one of the most beautiful Chinese collar blouse designs of all time and has a really good mood. The way to design the collar of the blouse and neck is pretty impressive. Another feature of the blouse that makes it so likeable is the decision to make it sleeveless.

6. The celebrity designer blouse with a Chinese collar:

If you wear this special designer blouse with a Chinese collar, you will look like a celebrity. The appeal of this design makes every woman look divine. This blouse design comes with a white embroidered neck collar and a simple blouse.

7. Traditional Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

Women love bright clothes and this particular traditional designer item has the bright yellow color along with a professional designer touch. The color combination of this special blouse makes the design more attractive and charming.

8. The golden Chinese collar blouse:

Looking for something trendy? This special blouse exactly meets the requirements. It has a really great design along with a great Chinese collar and design. This is perfect for traditional women with light skin tones.

9. The Blue Plain Chinese Collar Blouse Design:

Looking for a decent Chinese collar blouse that has a great color and the pattern on the collar is also very nice. You can wear this kind of Chinese collar blouse designs for office parties.

These are some of the designs in the Chinese collar when it comes to blouses. It is mostly advisable for people over 40 years of age, but ultimately it depends on your taste and class when it comes to choosing this product.

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