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Velvet Blazers

INC International Concepts INC Men's Mason Slim-Fit Velvet Blazer .

The velvet blazers are nothing more than normal blazer jackets with a velvety texture. The texture is special in that it not only feels soft and smooth, but also helps most of us to help in cold winters. In addition, the velvet structure is also known for its elegance and ...

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White Blouses

Long Sleeve White Tie Front Layered Blouse on sale only US$32.06 .

White blouses are a trend among women these days. While fashion is at its peak, it has come up with many new styles and looks. And one of them is the large selection of white blouses. White blouses that give a royal and elegant look cover a wide range on ...

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Braided Belts

Wrangler - Wrangler Men's Braided Belt - Walmart.com - Walmart.c

Men’s belts are an everyday requirement in men’s routine. Men even wear their own belts that match their image and have their own personality. People often choose the simplest quality, the simplest shine and the easiest durability of belts when they decide to buy a new belt. Have you ever ...

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Pink Blazers

Primark pink blazer | Fashion, Blazer fashion, Pink jack

While a blazer is known as one of the most wanted styles due to its versatility and trend, these men’s and women’s blazer jackets are now entering the fashion world. These pink-colored blazer styles are not just for women, as you might think or think, but they are tailor-made to ...

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Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Latest Gold Mangalsutra Designs - Short And Long | Gold .

A Mangal Sutra is a symbol of the marital status of Indian women. The epitome of Mangalsutra with black pearls is made of pure gold and black pearls. Different parts of India have different styles of gold mangalsutra designs. Gold-stylish Mangalsutras are a symbol of eternal love and solidarity and ...

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Trolley Bags Types

Cabin Luggage | Luggage Buying Tips | Top-Travel-Tips.c

Trolley bags are end-of-wheel bags that allow you to carry heavy items while on the go. The cart has two fixed wheels at one end with the handle opposite for vertical movements. The trolley bag is easy to carry and maintain. The bag is perfectly designed and offers plenty of ...

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Striped Skirts

Zara Skirts | Striped Skirt | Poshma

The topic of geometry has not only inspired mathematicians, but also many fashion designers. The classic design of stripes has been adopted by many generations and although it is decades old, it always goes out of style! Striped skirts are one of the best and biggest trends for women thanks ...

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Fancy Salwar Kameez

Cotton Casual Wear Fancy Salwar Kameez, Rs 1095 /piece(s) Madam .

After a saree, a salwar kameez is the most worn outfit in India. The style, comfort and elegance that a Salwar Kameez offers cannot be compared to any other clothing. Fancy suits from Salwar Kameez are the most sought-after designs in this segment and are known for their trendy patterns. ...

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Different Types Of Bra

What are the types of bra? - Quo

Imagine your breasts pointing south? The thought itself can damage your self-confidence! Perfectly shaped, firm-looking breasts are every woman’s dream! However, staying naked for a long time can ruin your figure and make you look older. The answer – Bras! The bra is a blessing for any woman who wants ...

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Green Salwar Kameez Designs

Stay Evergreen With These 15 Green Salwar Kameez Designs! | Moda .

When we talk about nature, life, positivity and hope, the color that hits our minds is green! Green stands for energy, harmony and freshness. For this reason, it is considered a good omen in Indian tradition to wear a green outfit when a new phase of life begins. Aside from ...

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Jute Bags

6 Benefits of Eco-friendly Jute Bags | Packingab

Jute is synonymous with India because the word jute is coined from the word jhuta in Oriya from the state of Orissa. It is known as golden fiber and environmentally friendly and therefore the most accepted natural fiber. In addition to cotton, jute is a natural fiber and is often ...

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Brocade Lehenga Choli

Brocade Party Wear Lehenga Choli, Rs 11000 /piece Pandit G Fabric .

Brocade Ghagra Choli is a heavily woven material that creates the effect of increased work. Silk threads are combined with either gold or silver threads and weft is added to the fabric. This gives the fabric an embossed effect. It is a rich fabric with bright and strong colors that ...

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Latest Nose Pin Design

Latest gold nose pin designs for girls/wedding nose pin pictures .

On this earth, the convention of beautifying yourself has been the greatest attraction for any woman, and Indian women are no exception. The tradition of nose piercing in India has been a long affair of over thousands of years. Nose piercing has always been an important beauty regime for women ...

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Corset Blouses

Hot Fashion Trend - Corset Blouses! | Corset blouse, Saree gown .

If you want to watch Hollywood films of the 70s and 80s, you must have noticed that many women wear a thread-like garment around their waist. This is called a corset! It is designed to give a woman’s waist a curvy shape. This iconic corset is now part of the ...

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Lehenga Sarees

25 Lehenga Sarees With Blouse Designs | Half saree designs, Indian .

If you haven’t heard about the Lehenga-style Sarees collection, you need to know that these latest variants have been quite trendy on the Indian fashion market in recent years. Whether at celebrations, weddings or bridal fashion collections, the fashion enthusiasts have already tried to try the Lehenga saris everywhere in ...

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Golden T Shirt

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Golden T-shirt (415 ILS) ❤ liked on .

Gold is a magical and powerful color that easily draws attention to others without much effort. Similarly, many people love to dress in a gold t-shirt to leave a remarkable impression on others, and can also feel the magic of this sparkling color. Gold symbolizes royalty, prestige, and even power ...

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Jodhpuri Sherwani Designs

Jodhpuri Designer Sherwani at Rs 5500/piece | Sherwani | ID .

Are you preparing for the upcoming wedding season? Then you simply cannot miss a Sherwani that combines ethnicity with modernity. Jodhpuri Sherwani designs offer the best of both worlds for the new age men. These traditional ensembles have come a long way since their founding in the state of Jodhpur, ...

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V Neck Blouse Designs

v-neck-blouse-design … (With images) | Trendy blouse designs .

A well-made blouse is inevitable for every saree. A blouse speaks a lot about your personality, your taste and your attitude. For this reason, it’s important to keep experimenting with blouse designs rather than sticking to the boring patterns. In this article we will discuss how to turn a simple ...

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22 Carat Gold Bangles

Jewellery Designs - Page 575 of 632 - Latest Indian Jewellery .

22 carat gold bangles are a dream of many women who do not belong to the rich class. The women from high society would definitely have the choice for their regularly changing jewelry. However, there aren’t one or two designs that distract us from buying a new bangle design. A ...

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Sleeveless Salwar Suit

Image result for sleeveless salwar kameez | Indian suits, Skirt .

The salwar suit is the traditional outfit of India. It is a popular Indian dress of choice. Its popularity came during the Mughal rule. The Salwar suit consists of three parts: Salwar, Kurti and Dupatta. The salwar is a loose pajama, wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. ...

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