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Brocade Blouse Designs

Brocade Blouse Designs

If there is a trend that never comes out of the fashion scene, then the timeless Brocade blouse designs are! This centuries-old fabric has disguised women of many generations and still plays its charm. Even a simple saree can be instantly transformed into a royal outfit by wearing these blouses. Brocade are hand-woven fabrics that look great. They usually come with gold or silver threads that are woven into artistic patterns. Brocade saree blouses are highly valued garments for women due to their stylish appearance and versatility. So why wait? Let’s take a look at the latest patterns and some important style tips.

What are the main features of brocade blouses?

Here are some of the characteristic features of these elegant beauties:

  • Brocade is a thick material that is often made from colorful silk and metallic.
  • The fabrics feel soft and give the outfit a great feeling, which makes them very popular picks for special occasions.
  • The fabrics for blouses are selected according to the color theme, motifs and the amount of gold or silver. Red, blue, green and pink are a perennial favorite.
  • Usually a softer lining is added to the blouses, along with chest pads for a clear definition.
  • Tiny floral motifs or geometric patterns are preferred for simple saree blouses. But for big events like weddings, bolder colors and weaving options are quite a trend.
  • Brocade blouses with boat neck, round neckline and high neckline are considered fashionable today.

Which saris are suitable for brocade blouses?

The best thing about a brocade blouse is how it can be used as a “one-piece for everyone”! Yes! That’s true! You can simply choose a multicolored fabric or a warm shade like gold, black, maroon or bottle green and wear it on ten different saris. Especially at a time when Mix and Match is considered fashionable, one or more parts from this segment can solve your wardrobe problems.

Some of the saris that you can easily wear with a brocade blouse are:

  • Simple cotton sarees
  • Silk Kanjeevarams
  • Tussar silk
  • Sarees hand loom
  • Zari half silk curtains
  • Lehenga Sarees
  • Designer saris by Nets and Georgette
  • How to style brocade fabric blouse designs?

Would you like to know how to rock this classic trend? Then follow these expert tips and get ready to earn a lot of praise:

  • Always remember to choose the brocade fabric depending on the occasion, saree and time of the event.
  • For events with large gatherings, you should opt for heavy designs and make sure there are lots of gold or silver details. This makes the blouse a perfect match for your opulent silk sari.
  • High-necked blouses with chokers and statement earrings are the best looks of the season. Try them out and show off your vintage style.
  • If you prefer a more understated look, opt for pastel colors and muted gold ties. This can weaken the size of your fit and make it suitable for simple saris.
  • Plan your jewelry based on the overall picture you dream of. Temple decorations, oxidized silver and even the latest Guttapusalu style work very well.
  • Instead of bracelets, try a large statement ring on your fingers and a matching nose stick on your face. This can certainly make you look regal.
  • When it comes to hairstyles, you can experiment with different buns, braids or keep them clear.

These are some of the best brocade blouses you can try this season! You have seen how each of these designs can be used with your saris in different ways. With newer motifs and styles being launched, you can create your own designer-inspired looks. If you’re not sure whether to make a choice, pick them all and blend them into an impressive outfit. Let us know which look seduces you the most!

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