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Blouse Designs With Border

Blouse Designs With Border

Of course, saris are the most popular in India. With their rich border and zari work, they can make you look like a million dollars. From marriages to everyday clothing to traditional occasions, there is nothing that could stop the splendor of Indian saris. While you’re at it, you should also acknowledge the importance of the blouse, because a nice matching blouse will make you stand out even more. Now that we’re talking about it, here are some of the best saree blouses with borders that you can wear to keep up with the fashionable incentives these days.

1. Flowery purple flower pearl blouse:

With a bright golden edge, this purple blouse will draw your attention right from the start. This blouse is ideal for women with a light skin tone and matches them with colorful saris

2.Lace edge design:

For blouse neck design with edges, this is a smart move if you choose to do so. However, notice how this single lace enhances the charm and makes the blouse look even more beautiful.

3. Zari blouse with silver edge:

The blouse here has essentially retained a very eye-catching look with the masonry and embroidery. It seems more of a crowded motif, but in the end everything came together because of the whole silver border. Red and silver combine very well here and make the blouse look even more stylish.

4. Simple red and gold blouse:

This blouse is a classic blouse from the lookbook of Indian blouse designs and has a frame made of small golden flowers, while a simple golden tip is attached to the blouse neck.

5.Bare blouse with border:

Who said sheer blouses can’t rock the entire blouse with edges around the neck? Take a look at this. Yellow and simple, the only thing stopping you from scrolling to the next design is the beautiful stone gold border. The blouse comes together with the cord at the end and completes the look.

6. Violet blouse with submarine neckline and stonemason tip:

The blouse you see here has a boat neck design with beautiful, intricate masonry. At best a backless blouse, a wonderful choice for the modern bride for her reception. The back of the blouse is completely covered with sequins and stoned, while the front is to be boasted with tiny masonry.

7.Black and white blouse:

This blouse here makes a lot of sense if it is depicted with edges on these latest blouse neck designs. With beading and two cords to hold the blouse in place, this design is very popular in the fashion market and a must on your list.

8. Pink rimmed gold blouse:

The next blouse on the list is this pink laced blouse with sewn-in golden stones. Note here that the cord has a set of Latcans at the top to ensure that the blouse gets all the attention. Make sure you wear such a blouse on occasions like marriage or sangeet invitations.

9. Silver rimmed blouse:

The blouses you see here are two, both bordered with a shiny silver thin tip. The two designs are different, a deep neck and the other simple, but it’s the silver edge that ensures the blouse’s full look.

10.Golden edge blouse with hand latin:

The design of the border blouse on the back is golden and has the same color as the blouse. This not only gives a blouse a very simple look, but also ensures that the saree is the focus of interest. The hand latatans are also something that the blouse reserves for simple family reunions.

11.Golden laced wedding blouse:

This blouse can best be worn for wedding invitations along with a gold-edged blouse or a purple blouse of the same color. You can easily see how the colors complement each other.

12. Red blouse with red and black border:

On the one hand, it is an ideal blouse for silk or cotton sarees, but you can also wear it regularly because the saree you choose is not too difficult to embroider.

13. Red blouse with a gold edge:

With a shiny silk material, the blouse itself is elegant and ready for simple occasions. As you can see, the golden lace is a decisive factor and gives the stone pattern embroidery even more beauty here.

14. Green blouse with yellow ocher edge:

This neck blouse with a border is common in southern India, but now it has taken over the wardrobe of almost all women who prefer to keep it simple.

15. Golden and purple alternating blouse edge:

Look at the top that looks like a border with the alternating sequence of gold and violet. Speaking of which, rimmed blouses are trendy and continue to grow in the Indian market, with every new designer ready to experiment with them. This is a good example and completes the list.

It is seen more than often that women ignore the quality of the blouse and instead only wear expensive saris. It should be noted that this not only reduces the overall beauty of the saree itself, but also spoils the overall look. Choose a good blouse, ladies, to keep up the good work in fashion you’ve done so far. Although these rimmed blouses can be expensive, you will soon find that they are absolutely worth the price you pay.

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