Blouse Designs: Elevating Your Style with Chic Blouses

Blouse Designs: Elevating Your Style with Chic Blouses

What is a saree without a blouse? Even the simplest cloth can be raised to a whole level by wearing a tailored, sensual-looking blouse design. The history of wearing blouses with a saree dates back to the Mughal era, when the idea of ??women covering their breasts pioneered. This was a milestone for Indian women who until then had only covered themselves with the saree. While the earliest known blouse was quite simple with changing times, the patterns have developed from a shirt with a diaphragm covering to today’s blouse in bra style.

Do you know the key factors of the blouse:

List of top blouse types:

Meaning of the blouse for women in Indian culture:

Indian women are known for their modest clothing style. Until the early 1990s, however, it was not common for women to wear blouses. The idea was shaped by the foreign invaders, in whose culture women wore blouses or shirts with skirts. This was immediately welcomed by the Indian women who found it convenient to wrap their breasts in a blouse and move with confidence. A blouse gives her body an aesthetic touch and makes her look sophisticated. Gradually wear a sari (1) with a blouse has become the epitome of Indian clothing.

Blouse features:

Here are some of the interesting facts and features of an Indian blouse:

  • The original Indian blouse covered the belly area and imitated a men’s shirt.
  • It was later held close to revealing the diaphragm, which is considered sensual and essentially “Indian”.
  • The length of the sleeves, the depth of the back and the width of the shoulder are three main parameters that need to be considered for the right fit.
  • Blouses usually come in styles such as open at the front, open at the back and open on the side.
  • They come in simple, simple patterns to strongly decorated designs.

How do I choose the right blouse for my body type?

Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right blouse to flatter your figure:

  • Heavy bust: Avoid heavily embellished work on the front of your blouse as it can attract unwanted attention.
  • Small bust: Opt for heavily padded blouses or additional trimmings to achieve a certain volume factor
  • Broad shoulders: Avoid wearing high necks as this can make you look taller than you are. Try wearing wide shoulder blouses with tiny sleeves to cover them.
  • Athletic figures: Experiment with a variety of designs like necklaces, corsets, pasta straps, etc.
  • Full looking illustration: When you have a full figure, pull on long sleeves to cover these heavy arms and give them a sleeker look.

Which blouse suits your saree?

While there is no hard and fast rule that a blouse can only be worn with a specific saree, the following tips can clear up the confusion and help you choose the perfect match:

  • Simple saris: You can combine them with simple blouses, prints, embroidery and literally any type of blouse.
  • Printed saris: If you want a sober look, opt for a simple blouse or experiment with printing on pressure.
  • Transparent saris: Choose heavy fabrics such as banarasi, velvet, satin or cotton to prevent the wardrobe from malfunctioning.
  • Heavy saris: You have to choose suitable fabrics such as silk, banaras or raw silk. Avoid lighter blouse fabrics.

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