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Blouse Back Neck Designs

Gone are the days when blouses were only used to cover the upper parts of the body. Today blouses play an important role in the Indian clothing segment. What surprises us more is that women are willing to invest more in the blouse than in the saree! The reason? Easy! You want to look better than the others! This concept has sparked the creativity of many designers who have experimented with a variety of blouse patterns, especially the neck. From artful embroidery to delicate lace stains, this article shows some of the different types of blouse neck designs that you can use to orient yourself!

Back neck blouse features:

While the old school designs always focused on the front neck designs, the modern blouses emphasize the back neck more. The back is the most visible part of the blouse and the ideal place to play around with designs. Here are some of the latest features you can expect from the new neck blouse designs:

  • Embroidery: The most popular designs of all! Rich, complicated Zardosi works, motifs and thread works are preserved for a long time!
  • Deep cuts: With today’s high front necks, the deep back neck is quite a contrast. Circles, ovals and even pinholes are the latest fashion
  • Patch Works: Considering the cost and the effort, patchwork is the next best alternative to real embroidery. Peacocks, elephants, cows and even flowers are crazy!
  • Bare back: As more women prefer to get brave, sheer backs are the best options. There is a layer of transparent mesh on the back, sometimes smooth and often with a spot in the middle.
  • Tassels and bows: These simple but cute embellishments give your blouse a vintage look and double its beauty.

How to style neck blouses?

Back neck blouses are slightly more expensive than regular blouses. Experts recommend following simple hacks so that this investment is worth every dollar!

  • If you have a simple cotton saree, choose Kalamkari patches or handweaves to lift your back.
  • For heavy saris, choose deep necks or transparent backs to give more style and of course allow more air!
  • Silk sari go perfectly with embroidered blouses. Play with thread and gold work to complement the saree
  • Drape the saree cleanly for a better view of the back. Smaller wrinkles are strongly recommended.
  • Tie your hair into a bun or braid it so the details appear on your back. Don’t let your hair play spoilage for your pretty blouse!

Never adjust the fit, comfort and design of your favorite blouse. This not only makes you feel, but also looks out of the place. In fact, you can have many blouses for the same saree, so you get a new person out every time. Even if you’re wearing your mom’s vintage, this extra class will be the show stealer. That should be it for your perfect blouse selection from the list.

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