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Blouse Back Neck Designs For Pattu Sarees

Pattu saris are the ones that maintain tradition well. It is great on tsari, embroidery and all kinds of hard work. These saris are often reserved for special invitations and occasions such as marriages. Your blouse should always match the style and beauty of the saree you choose. Pattu Saree are easy to find these days, but if you don’t choose the right design for your choice, the entire show is technically ruined. The saris are indeed well known and very popular, especially in southern India. Speaking of blouse, they are equally in demand, so the price may be a bit higher, but nothing you can’t afford. Your saree should have an attractive blouse to combine with.

Latest and beautiful blouse back neck models for Pattu Sarees

Here are the 15 best selections of designs for Pattu Saree neck blouses that will be waiting in line.

1. Deep Neck Blue Blouse:

The first blouse-neck designs for Pattu Saree that you see here are almost a beautiful backless style. Here the style is rather unusual, with stones that surround the round slot. This design is ideal for women who choose to be brave despite following the traditions.

2. Green blouse for Pattu Sarees:

We can assume that the beautiful, intricate masonry is the first thing you notice about the blouse here. It looks like it fits the bride well due to the design and the fact that almost every inch of the blouse is covered with it.

3.Orange Pattu Saree Blouse:

Pattu blouse back neck designs list can not remain without make-up without this beautiful design. The whole pattern on the back is absolutely as creative as it gets. This is perfect for the Pattu Saree that you kept on your shelf for your wedding day.

4. Green Pattu Saree Blouse:

Another green that you see here is more of stone and pearls than of embroidery, but that doesn’t stop you from being exciting!

5. Deep neck blouse with V-neck:

This blouse is a good consideration when looking for neck patterns for pattu blouses. The blouse’s prestigious appearance may make it an expensive purchase despite the simplicity, but if you inquire, you’ll find out how almost everyone thinks it was worth the price they had to pay.

6. Simple green blouse:

Apart from the light embroidery on the sleeves, the blouse is usually simple. However, the design is unique and you will like it as soon as you put on the blouse.

7. Pattu Saree blouse with boat neck:

The one design you see here is a bold step because it is almost backless. It should best be worn with low embroidery pattu sarees as this allows part of the blouse’s attention.

8.Red and gold pattu saree blouse:

This blouse is another design with a Pattu Saree neck blouse from the classic look book and will surely highlight the best features in you if you wear it with a Pattu Saree. It shouldn’t be too difficult to introduce yourself in this case if you are more traditional.

9.Red hooked blouse:

All shades of sobriety have been preserved in this traditional blouse. If you believe in protecting everything about your ethnicity, this blouse is your ideal choice for the day. The sleeves in jacket style look appealing and sparkle in a reddish shade that contrasts well with the overall impression.

10. Blue slit blouse:

Do we have to sing the praise of this blouse neck pattern for Pattu Sarees with a royal blue color and such an embroidery? It speaks volumes for itself and you are probably convinced enough.

11. Blue silk blouse with a deep neck:

A pattu saree with a silk blouse is one of the oldest combinations. Here we present a blouse with a deep neck and a twisted cord for a change. Check out the little stones placed all over the place to make the blouse look more appealing.

12. Blue embroidery embroidery blouse:

The silver thread work on the sleeves is really a key factor in the blouse design you see here. It’s trendy, but just as unusual because the different blue strings meet on the triangular neck.

13. Golden blouse with embroidery:

The designer Pattu Saree blouse that you see here differs from the others that you have seen on the list because both sides of the blouse have the same complicated design flawlessly.

14.Full sleeved deep neck blouse:

The color combination of this model with Pattu Saree blouse and neck is very different and therefore interesting for the eye. It will surely draw attention to you as the beautiful blouse embroidery and deep neck increase the swing.

15. Pattu Saree blouse with sheer neck:

Nobody can and will resist to draw their undivided attention to you with this final blouse on the list. Under the blouses on the neck for Pattu Sarees, this has a hint of difference as it is stylish, yet contemporary.

Many women tend to compromise on the quality of the blouse they choose with their pattu saree, provided the saree does the job, but that’s the thing with expensive sarees, and their blouses don’t have to be perfect either. While you are responsible for the blouse you choose, you can take advantage of it and choose ideal ones that match your style, so you don’t have to settle for something you don’t want to see yourself in.

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