Bengal Cotton Sarees: Traditional Drapes That Celebrate Bengali Culture

Bengal Cotton Sarees: Traditional Drapes That Celebrate Bengali Culture

Cotton sarees are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Why should you stick to the old and boring saris just around the corner during the scorching summers? Click the “Refresh” button with these traditional symbols of Indian ethnic clothing – Bengal Cotton Sarees! These Bengali cotton sari are known for the use of high quality cotton threads that are barely recognizable in other parts of the country. They are the first choice for most women who prefer these saris because of their noble and comfortable feeling. Bengal Cottons has come a long way from the world famous Tant-Saris to the Dhakai Jamdani-Saris.

Bengal Cotton Sarees Meaning:

Bengali cotton sarees are known worldwide for their finely woven fabrics. The neighboring weavers trained the local craftsmen in the various weaving techniques that gave rise to the large varieties of Bengali cotton sarees. The cotton industry in West Bengal is one of the largest textile industries in the country, supporting thousands of weavers and designers.

Properties of Bengal Cotton Sarees:

Check out some of the interesting facts about Bengal Cotton Sarees:

  • Pure sarees from Bengali cotton are made with fine cotton threads that give them an airy and breathable feel.
  • Among these saris are two of the most sought after varieties – the baluchari and the aunt saris
  • Tant saris are light curtains that are available in earthy colors and simple design
  • Baluchari saris are interwoven with complex scenes from Indian mythology that earned them GI status.
  • Bengali cotton sarees were originally made for the aristocratic class, but with change, times were made available to mainstream society.
  • These saris require a lot of maintenance to be ironed, applied starch for stiffness, and dry cleaned to avoid color leaks.

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