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August Birthstones

August Birthstones

The month of August is not only defined by one birthstone, but by a total of three. The three birthstones for people born in the happy month of August are Sardonyx, Peridot and Spinel. Sardonyx is a red-brown stone, peridot is green in color and spinel is a purple-pink stone. Imagine the possibilities these people have to carry and display the birthstone. In fact, they will be spoiled for choice.

Latest August Birthstones jewelry for men and women in trend:

Here we will review the key birthstones of August 9th and the various ways to show them off.

1. Sardonyx bracelet for men:

This is a great accessory for men. This Sardonyx bracelet consists of many round, light red-brown stones, which are strung into a stretchy cord to form a bracelet. It fits every outfit and men can wear this birthstone bracelet with casual outfits.

2. Sardonyx earrings for women:

This is a cool looking earring for women. The red Sardonyx stone is processed into a sterling silver earring for modern women. This earring gives this bohemian look a combination with beautiful outfits.

3. Sardonyx chain and pocket watch for men:

This is an amazing thing in Sardonyx stone for men. This is an antique pocket watch with a 12 carat chain made of pure gold. The Sardonyx pendant is actually a pocket watch with an embossed bezel.

4. Spinel cufflink for men:

Imagine that you have your birthstone in your cufflinks. Exactly! These brilliant spinel cufflinks for men made of sterling silver are a pair of accessories for celebrations and also the best gift ever given to a man born in August.

5. Spinel necklace for women:

This is a valued necklace made of spinel stones, which gives a nice fall on the neck when worn. The necklace looks beautiful with spinel stone drops in a beautiful pearl necklace set with diamonds.

6. Spinel nose stick for women:

The nose stick quickly catches up with women. This is a triangular 18-carat yellow gold spinel birthstone nose stud. This nose stick can be flaunted by women of all ages. What distinguishes it is the stone and the shape.

7. Peridot anklet for women:

This is a beautiful pearl anklet with pearls for women. The many tiny Peridot August birthstones for the woman born in August are beautifully strung in sterling silver into an anklet. This is a perfect gift for women.

8. Peridot ring for men:

This is an amazing looking men’s finger ring with emerald green peridot birthstone in the middle. It is also made of white gold and set with a diamond on the edges, which gives it a noble and royal look in a man’s finger.

9. Peridot pendant for women:

This is a beautiful personalized necklace with a beautiful green peridot stone, freshwater pearl and a shiny silver monogram with the initial and a chain made of sterling silver. What more does a woman need than this beautiful piece of jewelry that was specially made for her?

The month of August brings three birthstones and many opportunities for everyone who was born in this happy month. Choice of three stones and lots of accessories for men, women, boys and girls. All three birthstones for August look great when used in earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, etc.

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